A. Borodin’s letter to State Duma Deputy S. Gavrilov

To S.A. Gavrilov
Committee for Property Issues,
State Duma,
Federal Assembly of the
Russian Federation

Dear Mr Gavrilov,

I have learned with great interest from the media about your initiative on holding a session of the State Duma committee that you chair to consider information and materials of law-enforcement agencies, the Deposit Insurance Agency and the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation allegedly concerning misappropriations in the Bank of Moscow. I strongly welcome your initiative and am prepared to provide any possible assistance in its implementation. Continue reading

The ‘Magnitsky List’ could be the only way of fighting for Russian citizens

DailyMail Online

In recent years events connected with Russia and Russian citizens have become a regular feature in the British media. Unfortunately, the frequent appearance of such headlines is not a result of strengthening of friendship and collaboration between the two states. Often these reports accompany scandalous trials in British courts, violation of human rights in the Russian Federation, and so on. For instance, today the Magnitsky Legacy round table sessions are taking place in the Parliament building in London. All this attests to the fact that the Russian justice and law-enforcement systems are in a deep crisis and leave no hope for fair decisions based on compliance with legal provisions or, at least, human rights. Continue reading