Statement by the Defence Team

Because the media have published information that on 6 November the investigation team has issued a new resolution on bringing up charges against Mr Borodin, we state that the resolution in question again refers to the loan issued by the Bank of Moscow to the Premier Estate Company.

It must be stressed that according to said resolution the investigators do not see any violations on the part of Mr Borodin connected with improper use of government budget funds. We will undertake legal actions to make liable the individuals who actively disseminate wittingly false information that the investigators allegedly see such violations. Downright no. Mr Borodin has nothing to do with any abuses involving government budget funds. By contrast, the fact that he raised last year the question on the illegality of “moneyless” privatisation of the Bank of Moscow has already brought billions into the budget and has served as a serious warning to those who commit fraud with government budget money. Continue reading