Statement by Andrey Borodin, Founder and Former President of the Bank of Moscow

LONDON, October 29, 2012 PRNewswire

- Borodin calls recent accusations a “pack of lies”

“Last week the Russian Ministry of Interior and unnamed sources in Russia sought to create the false impression that various authorities outside Russia have newly commenced investigations or frozen assets belonging to me. The allegations are false and are clearly aimed at countering the evidence that the Russian authorities are pursuing an illegal and politically motivated witch hunt against myself. Continue reading

Statement by Andrei Borodin

Last Friday a program called “Anatomy of protest – 2” was aired on the Russian government TV channel, NTV.  The program suggests that I am giving, or have offered, financial support for a Russian political opposition movement to seek a change of government using unlawful and undemocratic means.  The allegation is untrue: I have never advocated or believed in the use of unlawful or undemocratic methods for pursuing political change.  The absurd suggestion that the opposition and its sponsors intend to seize power by force in Russia serves the interests of the government that owns NTV and pays its employees. Continue reading