Appeal in suit on invalidity of Bank of Moscow shares transfer postponed


MOSCOW, October 30 – RAPSI. The Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals will hear on November 20 Sergei Devyatkin’s appeal against the dismissal of his lawsuit to invalidate the transfer from the Moscow government of its shares in the Bank of Moscow to VTB Bank, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ on Tuesday. Continue reading

Statement by Andrey Borodin, Founder and Former President of the Bank of Moscow

LONDON, October 29, 2012 PRNewswire

- Borodin calls recent accusations a “pack of lies”

“Last week the Russian Ministry of Interior and unnamed sources in Russia sought to create the false impression that various authorities outside Russia have newly commenced investigations or frozen assets belonging to me. The allegations are false and are clearly aimed at countering the evidence that the Russian authorities are pursuing an illegal and politically motivated witch hunt against myself. Continue reading

Tycoon fears Putin enforcers

An exiled Russian banker has called in the police after a mystery chase on the M4

The Sunday Times

A RUSSIAN tycoon who fled Moscow claiming to be a victim of Kremlin persecution fears he may be the target of the Russian security services in Britain.

Andrey Borodin, a billionaire banker, claimed he had recently been the target of a surveillance operation at his new home near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

The fugitive tycoon, who has spent about £50,000 funding human rights groups fighting abuses by the Kremlin, said he had called in police after a car being driven by Mario Hinterdorfer, his personal assistant, was involved in a high-speed chase on the M4 in August. Continue reading

Banker’s lawyer believes property arrest might be linked to Anatomy of Protest-2 film probe

ITAR-TASS World Service

The lawyer of ex Bank of Moscow chief Andrei Borodin believes that his client’s property might have been arrested in connection with the probe into the facts stated in the Anatomy of Protest-2 film.

Lawyer Vladimir Krasnov reminded that Borodin is mentioned in the film as an Opposition sponsor. Following a check into the firm, the authorities opened criminal proceedings over organization of mass disturbances.

Krasnov noted that the criminal prosecution of his client had been politically-motivated from the beginning. “At present, an opportunity has presented itself to arraign him on suspicion of funding a government overthrow,” the lawyer told Echo Moscow radio. Continue reading

Estonian prosecutors deny opening criminal case against former Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin


TALLINN, October 23 (Itar-Tass) — Estonian prosecutors denied opening a criminal case against former Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin.

“A representative of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office was in Estonia with inquiry regarding legal assistance. We do not comment on the contents of the inquiry, but I can confirm that Estonia has not opened a criminal case against Borodin,” Public Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Katrin Lunt told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry’s investigation department said criminal proceedings had been opened against Borodin in Estonia. Continue reading

Borodin Taken Prisoner

The police have achieved an arrest on shares of the Bank of Moscow on the balance of Plenium, an offshore company. The securities belong to Andrei Borodin, the bank’s former manager, and have been arrested as part of an investigation of a case on a credit issued to the Premier Estate Company, the investigators say. Borodin has never publicly confirmed his connexion with the offshore firm. The financier residing in London does not rule out that he may file a suit against the Russian authorities.

More than $400 million belonging to the former manager of the Bank of Moscow and kept on accounts in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg have been frozen, the Interior Ministry’s Investigations Department has announced. Continue reading

Banker Borodin denies sponsoring of opposition’s revolution plans


Ex-Bank of Moscow President Andrei Borodin has called absurd his alleged financial backing of the Russian opposition in its plans to seize power. The presumption was made in the Anatomy of Protest 2 film aired by the NTV channel.

“The film claimed I sponsor the Russian opposition for illegal and/or non-democratic taking of power. That is a lie,” says a Borodin statement obtained by Interfax on Tuesday. Continue reading