Message of General Prosecutor’s Office

General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation
15a Bolshaya Dmitrovka St.
Moscow GSP-3 125993, Russia
11 July 2012 No. 69/1-974-2012

To Mr M. S. Dolomanov
Dolomanov & Partners
4/17 Pokrovskiy Blvd. Building 1, Office 9
Moscow 101000

[Dear Mr Dolomanov:]

Your request concerning your disagreement with the decision of the Directorate for Economic Security and Countering Corruption of the Russian Interior Ministry Main Administration for Moscow to refuse the opening of a criminal case in the interests of Mr. A. F. Borodin has been considered.

It has been established that the Directorate has conducted a check of the report on possible improper use of funds in the amount of 103 billion roubles earned from the sale of shares of OAO Bank of Moscow and OAO Stolichnaya Strakhovaya Gruppa by the Government of Moscow, pursuant to Articles 144-145 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the check, the Directorate issued a resolution to refuse the opening of a criminal case due to the absence of the event of crime. Continue reading