Statement by Andrei Borodin

I have repeatedly pointed out that the organisers of Bank of Moscow’s take-over and of my political persecution are regularly making attempts to manipulate the Law Enforcement systems of the law-bound states. Sometimes it is effected through the provision of misleading information, but sometimes through committing explicit crimes.

Not long ago Estonian media published the information regarding a high-profile corruption scandal. A senior member of Estonian secret police Indrek Poder provided illegal services including procuring exemption from criminal liability, the issuance of Estonian passports, giving out confidential information etc. for a fee and by misusing his position and his access to information. Continue reading

Bank of Moscow to Seek Affected Party Status in Swiss Ex-Boss Probe

RIA Novosti

The Bank of Moscow will seek affected party status in a criminal case initiated by Swiss prosecutors against its former top managers Andrei Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin, a bank spokesperson said on Wednesday.

A source familiar with events told RIA Novosti last week that Swiss investigators froze the local bank accounts of former Bank of Moscow president, Andrei Borodin, and his former deputy Dmitry Akulinin. Continue reading

Lawyer of Bank of Moscow’s former CEO refutes alleged criminal case against his client


A lawyer of former CEO of Bank of Moscow Andrei Borodin has refuted media allegations about a criminal case against his client in Switzerland and blocking of his accounts.

“The anonymous information disseminated by news agencies about an alleged arrest of the accounts of the former executives of Bank of Moscow in Switzerland is nothing more but another stage in a wide-scale campaign to discredit Mr. Borodin,” he told Itar-Tass on Saturday. Continue reading

Borodin declines to comment on UK’s alleged refusal to give him asylum

Interfax Europe
Andrei Borodin, former president of Bank of Moscow, officially declined on Wednesday to comment on allegations in the media that the British government has refused to grant him asylum.

“Following recommendations from his lawyers, Andrei Borodin will not comment on recent rumors to the effect that he has been denied political asylum,” said a one-sentence statement on Borodin’s official website, Continue reading

Bank of Moscow could retain Ernst and Young as auditor for 2012

Interfax: Russia & CIS Business and Financial Newswire

Bank of Moscow (RTS: MMBM) could retain Ernst and Young as auditor to Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) for 2012, the bank said.

Ernst and Young was hired in November 2011. The bank had been audited by BDO since 2003.

Shareholders will be asked to approve the auditor at their annual shareholders meeting on June 4. Continue reading