Complaint Submitted by Andrey Borodins Defence

To: Lieutenant General V.V. Kozhokar

Chief, Investigations Department, Russian Interior Ministry

6 Gazetnyy Pereulok, Moscow 125009

From: Defence Lawyers:

 M.S. Dolomanov

Dolomanov and Partners Bar

V.N. Krasnov

Gauf and Partners Bar

D.V. Kharitonov

Gridnev and Partners Bar

In defence of A.F. Borodin


 In the established procedure, we are carrying out defence of A.F. Borodin in criminal cases being investigated by the Investigations Department of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Throughout the entire period of the criminal prosecution against A.F. Borodin, officials of the Interior subdivision under your supervision have been conducting a purpose-oriented defamation campaign. Apart from constant “leaks” to the media by “sources close to the Investigations Department who wished to remain anonymous” on criminal cases allegedly under investigation with their specific circumstances named, similar unlawful activity is being conducted officially. Continue reading