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The Investigations Department Again Demonstrates Political Nature of Borodin’s Persecution

The Investigations Department of the Interior Ministry has made yet another strong statement with accusations against Andrei Borodin, founder and former head of the Bank of Moscow. Following time-tested tactics, instead of legal procedural actions of official indictment, the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to spread publicly unsubstantiated information smearing Borodin’s reputation.

The tactics show clearly that the objectives of the investigations department lie beyond the sphere of legality. When a criminal case is opened and investigated pursuant to law, the first thing the investigators do is notify the suspect and his lawyers, not the media. In this case, the defence team received an “invitation” from an investigator more than two hours after the story hit the internet. Even that way, the lawyers have failed to see the decision on the opening of criminal proceedings immediately, as required by law, because the head of the investigation team cited shorter working hours on the eve of a national holiday. So who profits from putting the cart before the horse instead of obeying laws?

Neglect of mandatory procedures is not only displaying long-accustomed legal nihilism of law-enforcement agencies but is also disclosing the true nature of Andrei Borodin’s persecution, which clearly lies in the political rather than criminal domain.

Naturally, it is impossible to speak about the content of the new accusations without having seen them.