George Philippides of Cyprus Intends To Sue Russian Law-Enforcement Agencies for Their Actions

George Philippides of Cyprus, who has recently been interrogated in connection with the Bank of Moscow case, says that he was subjected to severe pressure by the investigators and is preparing a legal suit,” the Moscow News writes.

“Philippides is at the head of One World, a Cypriot firm that manages the assets of the InvestLesProm Concern. He has visited Russia to settle a conflict between InvestLesProm and the Bank of Moscow. The businessman was going to meet with the bank’s current president, Mikhail Kuzovlev, in Moscow, but the latter was away from Russia and the meeting could not take place (they only talked on the phone). And on 20 January police officers intruded his suite at the Ritz,” the article says. Continue reading

A Secret Investigation Is a Crime

Radio Echo Moskvy, 24 January 2012
Attorney Vladimir Krasnov

On 24 January, the Vedomosti daily published an article that in fact says that the former president of the Bank of Moscow Andrei Borodin is under investigation not only in connection with a criminal case concerning a credit issued to the Premier Estate Closed Joint-Stock Company but also a number of other cases.

The official and the only version known to the defence team is Criminal Case #89816, opened in December of 2010, under which a new order was issued on 29 September 2011 to prosecute Mr Borodin on a fraud charge (Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The defence team was notified about the order in a form that fails to comply with legislation. Continue reading

“An Investigation Has Been Going On for Four Months, but Neither Borodin Nor his Defence Team Is Aware. What Is It? A Secret Investigation?”

According to the Vedomosti daily, Andrei Borodin, former president of the Bank of Moscow, has been the defendant in a case on illegal sale of two shares of the Moscow Insurance Group since September of 2011. Borodin’s lawyers are saying that, in spite of what is required under law, they have not been informed about the indictment against Borodin. They are intending to challenge the indictment in court.

The Vedomosti writes: “The fact that almost four months ago Borodin became the defendant in a criminal case related to the sale of two MIG shares has taken his lawyer Vladimir Krasnov by surprise. According to Krasnov, it was the lawyer, not third parties, who had to be notified about the opening of a case against his client. A similar occurrence happened in late September, when the Interior Ministry Investigations Department announced that under the Premiere Estate case he was indicted under a different article, but the defence lawyer was only notified about that on 4 October. Continue reading