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Statement by Andrey Borodin’s Defence

Today, the Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry has issued a statement claiming that conduct by former President of OJSC Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin and his first deputy Dmitry Akulinin contains elements of corpus delicti contemplated in part 2, article 201 of the RF Criminal Code, “Abuse of Authority”, allegedly pertaining to transactions with CJSC Investlesprom stock.

In this regard, A. Borodin’s defense attorneys find it necessary to point out certain circumstances.

It is not the first time that law enforcement officials have publicly made an illegal and irresponsible statement with regard to A. Borodin designed to discredit him.

Further. Information about the new charges emerged exactly one day after the charge of fraud allegedly committed in extending a loan to Premier Estate was in fact  repudiated.  Yesterday, arbitration proceedings commenced with a view to settling the loan debt between the Bank of Moscow and Premier Estate. A party to the arbitration proceedings and having agreed to discuss a settlement, the Bank of Moscow admitted that the extension of the credit was a legal civil law transaction, not fraud.

Finally, the Investigative Department continues to ignore the rules of law. Once again, in violation of the law, neither Andrey Borodin, nor his attorneys have been informed of new charges being brought. Nor are there lawful grounds to announce the charges to the suspects.

Therefore, we are dealing with more evidence of the fact that the “activities” of the Interior Ministry’s Investigative Department represent continued politically motivated persecution of the former Bank of Moscow head, Andrey Borodin, and his colleague Dmitry Akulinin at any price. These are not new tactics but tactics that have been employed on many occasions where criminal justice has been used as a tool to redistribute and take others’ property.