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Statement by Andrey Borodin’s Attorney Vladimir Krasnov

A. Borodin’s Defense has submitted a complaint to the Head of the Investigative Department of Russia’s Interior Ministry, arguing that a September 29, 2011 investigator order to bring new charges against A. Borodin is illegal.

Immediately after a November 21, 2011 interview, where A. Borodin provided additional, and substantial, grounds for his original position that the Bank of Moscow takeover and his criminal prosecution were both politically motivated, the RF Prosecutor-General informed that it had issued to Interpol an order for Mr. Borodin’s search. Notably, the Interpol’s Charter expressly bans searching for individuals persecuted for political considerations. Therefore, in response to denunciations by A. Borodin, which, essentially, constituted information about a crime and called for an inspection, by investigative authorities controlled by the very same Prosecutor’s office, the oversight agency clearly demonstrated that the Government’s response to A. Borodin’s attempts to call attention to large-scale violations of the law in this case was going to be quite traditional:

- A. Borodin’s statement about what happened to RUR 103 billion that Moscow has failed to receive in exchange for the Bank of Moscow shares sold to VTB, and also, putting it mildly, about the dubious nature of the State’s involvement in the “rescue” of VTB’s corporate-raider  style acquisition in conjunction with his rhetorical questions about who benefits from all of this, have caused the charges to be re-qualified and made more severe. These are the charges that the Defense is now appealing,

- the response to A. Borodin’s statement about the true beneficiaries of the “fraud of the century” (A. Navalny, 07.20.2011) whose names are an open, public secret (S. Belkovsky, 10.24.2011) was to involve Interpol in searching for an individual whose whereabouts, according to the Interior Ministry’s official statements, have been long known. Most likely, the statement will be followed by an extradition request.

Therefore, the political motives in the criminal case against A. Borodin are all too clear. Under the circumstances, the only thing the agenda-driven investigators could come up with is exactly the flawed charges – appealed by the Defense – that are knowingly false and may not be viewed as lawful grounds for continuing the criminal prosecution of A. Borodin.

A translated version of the complaint is available here.