Statement by Andrey Borodin’s Defence

30 September 2011

The circumstances and the timing of the new charges being made against Andrey Borodin demonstrate politically motivated persecution.

Today, the media circulated the announcement made by The Investigative Department of The Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning new charges against the former head of the Bank of Moscow. However, neither Andrey Borodin, nor his defence team have been notified of the new charges. This is a grave violation of legal protocol. It should also be noted that the “new charges” appeared at exactly the same moment as that when the earlier charges, relating to abuse of power, fell apart under the weight of many contradictions.

The new charges are also unlawful and groundless. A situation such as this where legal cases are built, not in relation to crimes, but as a direct attack on specific individuals, is a firm indication of political rather than legal motivation. While the attempts of the law enforcement authorities to inform the public about fictitious investigative actions is nothing else than a disinformation campaign.