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Statement by Andrey Borodin

Bank of Moscow Case Sees New Development: Hostage-Taking.

Yesterday the Investigative Committee moved the court to arrest a number of individuals (details needed as media differ on who has been arrested) who have cooperated with Bank of Moscow. While the Tverskoi court has not caved in to the investigators and has set bail, the situation has taken a very sinister turn.

The investigators have sought the arrest of – and until bail is posted they will remain behind bars – completely innocent people. It was done despite numerous statements by the government leaders about the need to avoid applying such restraint measure to suspects in economic crimes.And this is despite a direct legislative ban on pre-trial detention in cases involving entrepreneurial activities.

The only possible explanation is that the investigators pursue goals other than justice. Once the former Moscow mayor spoke out in defence of Bank of Moscow and its former management, the law-enforcement agencies threw one heck of a curve ball.

Hostages are now an attribute of the Bank of Moscow case, as they previously have been in the YUKOS and Magnitsky cases. Detention of Dmitry Zhukevich, Boris Shemiakin, Maxim Shepelev (others may have been arrested as well) has to do not with what they did but with the investigators trying to scare into silence those who still dare to refute absurd accusations against Bank of Moscow.

One must remember though that the fate and lives of innocent individuals cannot be used as bargaining chips in political and economic disputes.