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But the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!

Blog of Vladimir Krasnov, Andrey Borodin’s Attorney, on the website of “Echo Moskvy”

So, today Andrey Borodin made a very important statement (Borodin’s blog 31 August).

As the lawyers say, the cause and reason for this is a new campaign, initiated in the media close to authorities, dedicated to the “new charges.” On 29 August, as if by command (although, why as if?), TV channels “Russia” and NTV, Itar-Tass, RIA-Novosti, and others, who followed them, happily reported that the Investigatory Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had “new questions” for Andrey Borodin and his associates. The logical conclusion to this bacchanalia was put by ‘Rossiyskaya Gazeta’ on 30 August.

Given how much there has been already said and how many more of such “stories” will be mentioned, it is not interesting to repeat these “new” allegations.

Something else is interesting.

Andrey Borodin is right to pay attention to the fact that yet another hysteria in the press is a reaction to his difficult questions about the fate of 103 billion rubles as well as the validity and extent (1% of GDP) of public participation in the “rescue” of the bank, acquired by VTB through a hostile takeover. Also, his rhetorical questions about who may benefit from this are rather uncomfortable. …