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How long can they keep repeating the same thing with impunity?

Vladimir Krasnov, Andrey Borodin’s lawyer’s blog on the Echo of Moscow website

Yesterday, the informational space was shaken up by the “news” about the latest accusations against my client, Andrey Borodin. This time, “a source in the law enforcement bodies of the capital” anonymously shared their “concern” over the “illegal sale of shares in the Estonian Credit Bank.” This can be hardly called a sensation as few months ago same “tip-off” has already been given. Borodin himself commented on the situation. It seemed that the news outlived itself. But no.

… So. The investigation still has not established anything but Borodin has already been presented, not in a legal sense, but publicly, with yet another set of charges. The investigators, as representatives of public authority, allow themselves, through violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to intervene in private cases… Who are these “experts”, who can legally, before an announcement of charges, evaluate the legality of certain actions and even talk about the damage caused by them? And what was the “fact” that was confirmed by the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation?

… It seemed that the time for irresponsible statements has passed. It is obvious that all this hype was needed to assist with the capture and then the “rescue” of Bank of Moscow. As a result, the public was persuaded of the “necessity and inevitability” of the unprecedented injection of budget funds into state-owned VTB’s acquisition.

The original material published in Russian on Vladimir Krasnov’s blog on Echo of Moscow site.