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Statement by Mikhail Dolomanov, Andrey Borodin’s Defence Attorney

Today, I, Mikhail Dolomanov, filed a claim at the Prosecutor General’s Office asking the Prosecutor General Mr. Chaika to personally monitor the implementation of investigation related to missing funds in the City of Moscow budget gained from the sale of shares of Bank of Moscow and Stolichnaya Insurance Group previously owned by the City of Moscow.

The question about the fact that 103 billion roubles, paid for the above mentioned shares, were not transferred to the City of Moscow accounts was raised publicly my client, Mr. Borodin, in April. At the time, at the request of Mr. Borodin I submitted a claim to this effect to the Prosecutor General.

It is important to note that immediately after the first public statement of Mr. Borodin about the missing funds (paid for the shares) in the Moscow city budget, a decision about his arrest in absentia was made very quickly, even though prior to this, the criminal case was being investigated for several months and the investigators were not thinking about Borodin’s arrest.

After, thank to Mr. Borodin’s efforts, the glaring fact of the missing funds in the City’s budget became public and became known to the Prosecutor General’s office, it seemed that the Moscow’s budget would immediately receive the money. But everything turned out differently. Speaking to the media, representatives of the Moscow Mayor’s Office acknowledged that the multi-billion dollar amount paid for the shares of Bank of Moscow is still not in the City’s budget.

Despite our efforts over the past three months, no serious investigative measures by the law enforcement agencies were undertaken. The claim was initially forwarded to the Prosecutor of Moscow, and then to the Department of Economic Security of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation, which, instead of conducting a proper investigation, issued a ruling to dismiss the initiation of the criminal case. In the meantime, there is still a threat that the funds may not go to the City of Moscow budget. Therefore, Mr. Borodin’s and his defense team’s battle to bring the money, paid for the shares in the bank, which Mr. Borodin was heading for 16 years, to the City budget is not over.

Along with a repeated claim submitted to the Prosecutor General of Russia, today I have filed another claim to the Prosecutor of Moscow Mr. Kudeneev, requesting to cancel the above-mentioned ruling by the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation in Moscow and to conduct a full review of all the circumstances relating to the non-transfer of money to the budget of the City of Moscow following the shares in Bank of Moscow and the shares of Stolichnaya Insurance Group which previously belonged to the City.