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Bank of Moscow ignores Andrey Borodin’s request to transfer his compensation to a children’s charity.

In his official letter to the new President of Bank of Moscow Mikhail Kuzovlev, Andrey Borodin has asked Bank of Moscow to transfer his compensation, owed to him in accordance with his employment agreement with the Bank, which was terminated on 21 April 2011, to charitable foundation Dobroserdiye. Dobroserdiye foundation helps to improve the lives of orphans across Russia. Andrey Borodin is owed over $5 million by the Bank and this money could be used to help orphans deprived children in various parts of Russia. Unfortunately, these requests have been ignored by the Bank’s new management. It is very sad that deprived children have to be affected by this situation.

A copy of Andrey Borodin’s letter to Mikhail Kuzovlev is available here, and a copy of his complaint letter to the Bank is available here. (Original documents are in Russian).